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Four Workplace Trends to Watch

As we enter the second half of 2023, LinkedIn's latest data reveals four crucial areas shaping talent strategies for U.S. employers and our career paths.

1️⃣ AI's Breakthrough: AI skills are becoming essential for career advancement, with 40% of professionals believing it will elevate their careers. Expect a surge in AI learners from various levels seeking to acquire these valuable skills.

2️⃣ Remote Work Challenges: Remote job opportunities have been declining, making it harder to find remote work. However, professional and financial services industries still offer hybrid work options.

3️⃣ The Big Stay: Job-hopping is declining, and professionals prioritize job security over career flexibility.

4️⃣ The Power of Fresh Skills: Skill sets required for jobs have changed significantly since 2015, and this trend will continue.

HCM Unlocked empowers organizations to adapt to these dynamic workforce trends. By offering AI training opportunities and supporting hybrid work arrangements, HCM Unlocked ensures your talent remains competitive and equipped with the latest skills needed for success in the evolving job market.

Unlock the potential of HCM Unlocked to stay ahead in the ever-changing world of work! Let us help.

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