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HCM Unlocked International Services Press Release

Human Capital Management Consulting Firm HCM Unlocked Continues Growth with International Managed and Consulting Services

HCM Unlocked now offers a wide range of value-adding services that help organizations expand and operate their HCM strategies on a global level.

HCM Unlocked, a pioneering human capital management (HCM) consulting firm, is expanding its full range of services to clients that currently have global operations and human capital outside of the United States. The expansion will give companies access to HCM Unlocked’s unmatched expertise and proprietary technology while leveraging global resources for U.S.-based organizations. HCM Unlocked has designed a robust set of managed and strategic consulting services to help organizations scale globally, compliantly, and efficiently.

“This is a transformational step for HCM Unlocked, and we’re excited to partner with our clients as they optimize and streamline their international operations,” said founder and CEO John Wallace. “Our clients recognize the value of operating teams around the world and benefit from the additional layers of strategic support that our International Managed Service offering provides.”

Operating and expanding globally is a highly complex initiative that straddles compliance, compensation, culture, and execution. Firms are intrigued by access to vast talent pools, increased productivity, and lower employability costs, but ensuring that overseas operations run smoothly while complying with varying local regulations can be overwhelming.

HCM Unlocked’s managed services integrate with clients throughout the entire employee life cycle, from pre-hire compensation planning to recruiting to managing payroll and benefits. But their business intelligence and strategic consultancy practice reaches even further, informing clients on the optimal markets to enter, compensation to set, talent pools to source – even the best way to supply remote workers with appropriate technology.

“The benefits of expanding globally greatly outweigh the risks, but understanding those risks and how to avoid them is critical to organizational success. We are helping companies scale their businesses and realize these benefits by partnering in both a tactical and strategic capacity, enabling our clients to focus on their mission-critical priorities” said Vice President, International HCM Josh Mandel.

Aside from peace of mind, HCM Unlocked saves its clients’ money by optimizing the costs associated with global operations, including labor, technology, compliance, and administration.

For more information on HCM Unlocked and their services, please visit

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