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IMPORTANT UPDATE - Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)

IMPORTANT UPDATE from the Department of Labor yesterday – This now goes into effect on APRIL 1st and there will be NO retroactive tax credits given.  This means an employer needs to WAIT to give paid emergency leave using any recommended pay codes until April 1st. Any leave and employee takes between now and then could still be paid using the EE’s own available paid time off – and they can still file for STD/FMLA/etc.

ALSO (in Florida), employees who are on furlough OR forced to quarantine. Applicants DO NOT necessarily have to be out of work; this includes workers whose house have been reduced by the virus. They also don’t have to show they are actively looking for work.

· FF-PSL-EE (Families First Paid Sick Leave, Employee's Own Illness) 

· FF-PSL-FAM (Families First Paid Sick Leave, Family Member) 

· FF-FMLA (Family First FMLA) 

Please Note: Private employers of more than 500 should refer to FFCRA guidelines for calculation of the 500 employee threshold.

Employees on leave, temporary employees jointly employed by the employer and another employer, and day laborers supplied by a temporary agency should all be counted towards total employee count for purpose of coverage.

This includes employers with related business entities who should apply the joint under the FLSA and the integrated employer test under FMLA.

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