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Like Yelp, but for Payroll Software: a ranking of customer reviews

When choosing the best HCM software for your business, much like any big purchase, it helps to see what other users think. While you won’t find any reviews on Yelp, there are other trustworthy alternatives to turn to. has compiled customer reviews that we’ll summarize and rank below. It’s important to note that, while there are many Payroll/HR vendors to choose from, we are only focusing on the best of the best. The vendors listed below are whom we recommend to our clients as they look to find the right software for their needs. This is a two-part post, with this first one focusing on the mid-market (roughly 50-750 employees) which is dominated by ADP, Paylocity, Paycor, and Paychex. Part two will focus on the best vendors that represent the upper end of the mid-market.

Paycor: 4.37/5

Paycor narrowly edged out ADP for the highest ranking. Customers reported that one of their favorite aspects of the software was ease in tracking employee hours, especially in different departments. They also enjoyed how easy it was to set up their general ledger integration. Businesses who purchased Paycor felt they received a great value for their purchase with the overall consensus that pricing was affordable and fair.

ADP 4.31/5

ADP narrowly missed the top spot but earned very strong reviews. Customers reported that they felt ADP is dependable, secure, and easy to use. They also received very high marks for how scalable their product line is. ADP clients also appreciated that their system was constantly updating and improving and felt the technology is more functional than other software they’ve used in the past. Lastly, ADP was commonly praised as the most versatile vendor and great for a business of any size or industry.

Paylocity 4/5

Paylocity received strong reviews, with the most common being how user-friendly the software is. Paylocity customers touted the strength and responsiveness of their support staff as a major plus. Customers were also happy with the ease of integrations with leading third party vendors such as benefits administration.

Paychex 4/5

Paychex clients tended to skew more toward the under 100 employee segment than their competitors. They received strong marks for their ability to handle almost everything needed for managing employees. The technology was reported as easy to use, though limited. This makes it less of a fit for the upper mid-market, but a good option for the under 50 employee space.

The common theme around these reviews is that they’re all strong platforms more than capable of meeting the needs of mid-sized organizations. The challenge, as is the case with any software, is properly building and deploying the software so it can perform as advertised. ADP and Paychex were seen as options that could provide support across a wide spectrum as a “jack of all trades,” while Paycor and Paylocity excelled within a smaller niche.

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