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Like Yelp, but for Payroll Software: a ranking of customer reviews (Part 2)

In our first post we discussed the importance of reviews from other end-user as you determine the best HCM software for your business. For these rankings we’re using, a review site that has compiled customer feedback that we’ll summarize and rank below. It’s important to note that, while there are many Payroll/HR vendors to choose from, we are only focusing on the best of the best. The vendors listed below are whom we recommend to our clients as they look to find the right software for their needs. This post is focuses on the upper end of the mid-market (500 – 2,000 employees). ADP and Paylocity are also very popular in this space so please refer back to part 1 for their reviews.

Workday Software: 4.33/5

Workday Software virtually tied in ratings with Paycom. According to the reviews, not only did executives and administrators report that they enjoed the software, but many employees of businesses chimed in as well with their support. CEOs were most impressed with the ability to deliver a wealth of information to their employees in an easy and efficient manner. The platform also scored high for the ease of employee self-service.

Paycom:4.33/ 5 stars

Paycom tied Workday as the leader of the group. Paycom customers gave the platform high marks for applicant tracking, onboarding, employee profiles, and PTO tracking. Administrator’s also liked the ease and integration of WOTC tax credit screening. Also, interesting to note, Paycom’s customer service team took an active role to answer their customer’s posted reviews.

Kronos: 4/5

Customers reported that some of their favorite features with Kronos are the configuration and customization capabilities. Kronos received great feedback around their ability to handle complex workforce management organizations.

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