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You've Done A Good Job!

Being an effective leader means investing time in your relationships with the people around you to ensure the organization thrives. Douglas Conant, CEO of Campbell Soup Co. says, “I’ve found the more I say, 'Thank you for a job well done,' the more engaged the people I work with become; the more they celebrate the contributions of their peers.”

Check out this article

It highlights some examples of unscalable, deeply important leadership work related to human connection:

-Meeting 1:1 w/ certain teammates on a recurring basis 🤝

-Creating the spaces and conditions so that others can form meaningful

relationships with one another 😃

-Interacting in digital community spaces—reading, reacting, and responding to messages on Discord/Slack/etc 💬

-Shouting individual people out for specific work they do 🎖

-Showing interest in teammates’ lives outside of work 🏀

-Providing personalized feedback on documents/creative output 📑

-Showing up to in-person team bonding activities 🎳

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