Managed Payroll

Meet Maria

Having worked for a large corporation for most of her career, Maria is excited to now be employed by a rapidly growing mid-sized company. One of the things that excites her most is being able to shape the company’s culture and focus on recruiting the sharpest minds. The excitement quickly vanishes when the company’s longtime payroll manager quits and the work falls in her lap. At first she thinks “how bad can it be?” but 3 hours and 15 incomplete time cards later, the frustration starts to boil over. As she’s walking to her car after another late night in the office, an idea hits her. Why should she, or anyone for that matter, spend time handling tasks that bring no extra value to the organization, but have severe consequences if done incorrectly? She thought about how that money could be spread elsewhere on ideas and initiatives that could further grow the company. She knew what she wanted, just not where to start looking.

Managed Payroll
Proven Success Through HCM Technology

Shift the focus of your people on activities that impact your actual business and let HCM Unlocked process your payroll.

•  Employee maintenance: new hires, re-hires, terminations, exemptions, insurance coverage, direct            deposit, deductions, job title, etc.​

•  Collect and enter garnishments and tax levies, ensure accurate taxation and garnishment is applied        to each account

•  Collect and verify timekeeping information for all employees​​​

•  Process gross to net payroll​​

•  Maintain payroll operations by following policies and procedures

•  Prepare reports by compiling summaries of earnings, taxes, deductions, leave, and disability

•  Accurately record and document all transactions as directed

•  Participate in end-of-month closing and audits

•  Ensure in compliance with legal and institutional requirements

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HR Administration
Proven Success Through HCM Technology

As a business owner, you don’t want your company to suffer the exposure of employment or compliance issues.

  • Policies and Procedures

  • Onboarding

  • Compliance

  • Background Screens

  • Benefits Administration

  • Carrier Feeds

  • Talent Management

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HCM Unlocked
We focus on your HCM Technology so you can focus on your business.