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According to the IRS, 40% of SMB businesses are fined each year for failing to meet payroll tax regulations

Keeping up with state and local tax requirements is a hassle! Our experienced tax specialists are ready to help you by handling the preparation and submission of online or paper payroll tax registration applications for state unemployment, state, and local withholding payroll tax accounts.

Our approach is hands on. Our team follows up directly with state agencies to communicate updates or changes to your payroll tax accounts, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information at the corporate level. We keep you informed about state unemployment rate changes to ensure compliance. We assist you in interpreting, researching, and resolving Federal, State, and Local payroll tax notices. For organizations utilizing a PEO, our PEO Tax Support Service will help with reapplying or reactivating FEIN, state, and SUI account numbers.

We pride ourselves on helping you navigate complex changes such as divestiture, merger, acquisition, name or address changes, entity consolidation, dissolution, or other restructuring. We provide in-depth analysis and support to navigate the unique tax implications associated with these transformations. Additionally, we offer feasibility analysis for historical tax research for prior years.

Tax Compliance
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