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Mental Health at Work

The 2023 Mental Health at Work Report from Mind Share Partners has revealed a profound shift in employee expectations. While 94% of HR professionals believed benefits could improve mental health in the workplace last year, workers place a higher value on a healthy and sustainable work culture today. Organizations must shift their focus toward addressing the root causes of burnout and exhaustion. A clear message from employees has emerged: traditional benefits and self-care perks alone are no longer enough.

At HCM Unlocked, we understand the need for a fundamental change in workplace culture, and our Strategic HR department experts are here to help you navigate this critical shift in policy development. Here are some actionable steps to consider:

1 - Support learning to bridge mental health resources and culture change.

2 - Encourage leadership advocacy to catalyze conversations and create safe spaces.

3 - Take iterative steps to discuss sustainable workloads and healthy boundaries.

4 - Involve employees in bottom-up initiatives supported by leadership.

5️ - Start with confidential conversations, moving to in-person dialogues.

6️ - Don't forget middle managers, who are crucial in driving culture change.

Employers can either lead, follow, or get left behind. At HCM Unlocked, we're committed to helping you lead the way by putting workplace culture at the core of your mental health strategy. Connect with our experts at HCM Unlocked to discuss how we can assist you in fostering a healthier workplace culture that benefits both your employees and your bottom line. Together, we can unlock your organization's brighter, more sustainable future. Let us help. 💪

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