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Overcoming Negative Thoughts

"We've all had this experience at some point: you're presenting in that big meeting or at that networking event and all of a sudden someone asks you a manageable question that somehow gets under your skin just enough to trigger your impostor syndrome. Then the Automatic Negative Thoughts aka ANTs start. They're those sneaky thoughts that pop into your mind when you're experiencing impostor syndrome. And their presence can change how you show up, keeping you small and stuck." -- Leah Smart, LinkedIn News Podcast Host

Here's how Lisa Orbé-Austin, PhD says to combat them:

💡become aware of them

💡notice which phrases are on repeat (see below)

💡challenge their validity by asking "what" or "how" questions ex. "how do I know they're all smarter than I am? And what is 'smart' anyways?"

💡 create a new, more realistic statement like, "some people in this room may be more skilled than me right now. But I am committed to learning from them and doing my best."

Listen to the episode: See the post:

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