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Restaurant owners: taking an inside look at Toast

We’ve been asked by a number of our clients in the restaurant industry about a relatively new vendor called Toast, so we decided to do a review. Toast is a POS Software built specifically for restaurants and the food service industry. Out of 215 reviews the software received an overall ranking of 4.32/5 stars.

The technology:

  • The system is cloud based so data can be accessed anywhere, on any mobile device.

  • Powerful reporting and analytical features allow restaurants to identify opportunities for cost savings, best sellers, and front/back of the house processes.

Why business owners love it:

  • Besides all the smart technology listed above, business owners reported that Toast’s payroll and Team management product is a huge time saver.

  • POS and payroll integration allow regulated approvals, easy access to HR functions, and seamless time tracking

  • Toast POS offers a versatile system, loyalty programs, digital gift card support, and online ordering.

  • Toast customer service will come train your employees. They even have a “Toast University” to help show your employees how to use their system and answer any questions.

Why employees love it:

  • Restaurants with table service can have guests easily pay on one of their compact handhelds instead of having to use a standstill terminal in order to process the payment

  • Bartenders can track tabs easily and look up recipes

  • Servers are helped by suggesting add-ons or cooking preferences specific to the restaurant

  • At the end of the meal a percentage gratuity is prompted to the guest as they are signing the tablet, so employees are rarely under tipped. If they are, a review is asked to be left by the guest in order to improve customer satisfaction for the future.

Why Guests Love it:

  • It remembers them! This helps build regulars, when inputting the guest phone number into the system. This pulls up the guest’s most recent orders, tracks their spending, and lets them know when the food is ready to pick up if ordering take out.

  • Paperless billing

  • More detailed orders.

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