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Spend More Time Selling

Independent implementation professionals survive and thrive on delivering positive results for their customers on time and within budget. Sales reps who have a  relationship with a  trusted implementation partner can reduce time spent managing accounts through go-live and beyond,  leaving them free to focus on generating new sales.  Sales professionals who excel at prospecting and closing new deals will create the greatest value when they can spend most of their time on those activities.  Marketing  Consultant  Chris  Hamilton  puts  it  this  way:  “You need to say to yourself, ‘If someone else did this, would it allow me to focus on those activities that will make me money?’” Working with reliable implementation partners with a  proven track record allows reps to focus on sales and generate higher commissions.

Here’s why: implementations are hard! Take data conversion as an example: while the new payroll vendor will extract the data from the existing system, that doesn’t even scratch the surface of the work ahead. There are essentially three parts to this process: data extraction, data validation, and maintenance of dual systems. The key to a successful implementation is pouring hours of detailed and concentrated effort into checking, testing, fixing, and then re-testing the new platform to ensure that it is properly loaded. What client has the bandwidth to do that in addition to their actual job?  Doing this right means that mistakes during the first processing will be significantly reduced or eliminated.

Duplicate yourself by focusing on your strengths and bring in specialists to complement your skillset.

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