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Stressed Zombies 🧟🧟🧟

Many HR professionals say “they’ve been given so many additional assignments since the onset of the pandemic that they find it challenging to complete their primary responsibilities. New tasks have included developing safety protocols, maintaining hygiene standards and creating work-from-home policies. This unexpected expansion of their portfolios, a phenomenon sometimes referred to as “mission creep,” comes as many companies can’t hire more help for numerous reasons, including the tight labor market and financial constraints. All that has left HR professionals to perform a high-stakes juggling act.”

Feeling overwhelmed by mission creep? Check out these tips: -Prioritize the jobs that matter. -Stand your ground while being flexible. -Brush up on your skills. -Ask for recognition—when the time is right. For the full article, click here: #hcmunlocked #hrtech #missioncreep #overwhelmed #hiring #hrcareers #workfromhome #remotework

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