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Incomplete Implementations

After surveying a leading HCM technology vendor, we found that almost 75% of mid-sized organizations have not completely built out the platform they are paying for. As a result, organizations are using only the most tactical modules such as the payroll processing engine.

In fact, the technology that drove the purchasing decision is oftentimes not the one being used. This may lead to another unnecessary RFP process when the answer is already in place.

Below is an example of what ADP’s Workforce Now technology looks like out of the box. It is an award-winning platform (4 years as a magic quadrant leader by Gartner), but relies on the end user to configure.

The image below is an example of what can be added to the software to increase usability with employees as an online resource. The portal can be further customized with logos, color schemes, and can be built in multiple languages.

In our next article, we discuss the importance of a good While an incomplete portal doesn’t have dire consequences to a business (it does serve as a good example of the parity between expectation and reality), there are more concerning issues that should raise red flags when it comes to compliance.

Many HCM companies tout Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance as a selling point in their presentation to 50+ employee organizations. The problem is that these services are not turn-key, and they require a complete system build-out to be utilized.

In addition to the payroll platform, HR and benefit modules that store critical data pieces such as pay rates, dates of hire, eligibility statuses, waiting periods, benefit plan designs, and more must be correctly loaded. These don’t have the visual appeal of an employee portal, but carry tremendous weight when it comes to ACA compliance, and are often overlooked.

ACA compliance is a hurdle within itself. It’s important you have a competent health insurance broker and what it means to your business.


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