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Retail & Wholesale Case Study


Scaling the Operation:

Scaling the operation was a mission critical priority but the leadership team was overwhelmed with administrative tasks. Their HR challenges became prohibitive to their ability to serve growing customer demand which included opening a new warehouse closer to the manufacturer. The project was delayed time and time again and the potential to reduce costs in their supply chain was never realized and ultimately this trickled into their sales results.

Talent Acquisition:

Another challenge in line with realizing increased demand was hiring and retaining talent to fill that demand. Their current process was manually pushing job requisitions to job boards and analyzing candidate information to move them through the applicant tracking funnel.



Reduce overhead costs to maintain your competitive Edge:

The wholesale and retail industries are rife with challenges, from attracting and retaining employees to find time for length administrative tasks to staying compliant with local laws and regulations. With access to incredible benefits to attract top workers, risk mitigation assistance that will help you maintain compliance and technology platform that automates many administrative tasks, you can rest assured that your HR solution is working for you.

Keep Costs Under Control:

Because minimizing operational and HR costs is paramount to your success, the right technology platform offers powerful tools and data analytics you can implement to help you predict overtime expenses, optimize workflows and more. Our solution helps bring down overall costs, so you can stay competitive against large wholesalers and e-commerce giants.

Talent Acquisition:

Using an advanced applicant tracking system, the leadership team was able to post jobs online and edit requirements with the click of the button. Using this powerful app, they could easily book interviews and keep tracking of candidate profiles, with direct linking to background checks for finalists.



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