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ADP Implementation Case Study


Private Equity backed 800 employee management services company with a portfolio of over 50 practices. Client was looking to build and implement a scalable HCM system that provided support for their rapid growth. The client was previously using Ceridian as their HCM vendor but decided moving to ADP WorkforceNow would be a better fit


The client opted to implement in stages, with the first deliverable being payroll and time & attendance, but the deadline was missed due to a lack of internal resources. The client hired HCM Unlocked to ensure they successfully launched their new system.


HCM Unlocked conducted a thorough analysis and discovered mistakes in the configuration. The client did not have the resources to fully execute ADP’s implementation project plan.


Step 1: Conducted HCM analysis with the client and ADP implementation team.

• Platform structured incorrectly with too many company codes • Data not correctly mapped from Ceridian to ADP • Tax balance discrepancies

Step 2: Reconfigured agreement with ADP

• Added key modules that were not sold on the original order: onboarding, recruitment, and WOTC • Built connectors for approved 3rd party vendors already in place via ADP marketplace

Step 3: Fixed data discrepancies and identified compliance red flags

• Continuous validation of data mapping via custom reporting and testing • Identified EEO compliance gap and produced and submitted necessary reporting to IRS • Identified non-compliance with 5th hour meal penalty, saving $50,000 in penalties over a 3 month period

Step 4: Worked with ADP to create new project plan to re-implement platform

• Custom designed workflows for each portfolio company • Created and documented SOPs

Step 5: Trained all end users to effectively utilize WFN platform


After properly assessing the situation, HCM Unlocked was able to leverage their collective knowledge to properly set up the client’s HCM technology. Additionally, HCM Unlocked was able to properly train all end users to successfully utilize the platform, reducing the burden on the administrative team.

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