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Professional Services | Case Study

Background: 800 employee Professional Services Management company with a portfolio of more than 50 practices. The client was previously using Ceridian as their HCM vendor but decided that moving to ADP WFN would be a better fit for their goals.

Situation: The client opted to implement in stages, with the first deliverable being payroll and time & attendance, but deadlines were missed due to a lack of internal resources. The implementation stalled and was at risk of no-starting. HCM Unlocked was hired to ensure the account successfully started after months of delays. A thorough analysis was completed by HCM Unlocked where additional gaps in the client’s internal processes were discovered and additional modules were successfully recommended to complete the solution.

Challenge: The client did not have the resources to fully execute ADP’s implementation project plan and was consuming a lot of the selling DM’s time as he tried to save his deal.

Result: HCM Unlocked was able to successfully implement the client’s WFN platform by taking charge of the project plan, adding skilled resources to the client’s team, and providing best practices. Additionally, HCM Unlocked was able to train all end users with a customized plan to fully utilize the platform, reducing the burden on the administrative team. HCM Unlocked also identified technology gaps, and as a neutral third party, successfully recommended that they purchase Recruitment, Onboarding, I9 Verification, Carrier Connections, and Analytics modules. This represented over 40k of additional roll call to the selling DM.

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