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There are too many companies unnecessarily going under the knife!

It’s late at night, dark, and you’re walking down a flight of stairs when you miss a step and land awkwardly, hurting your back. As you stand there in pain, what’s your next thought? You’re probably thinking about giving it some rest, maybe doing some light stretching in a few days, and then seeing a doctor if things don’t improve.

You’re probably not thinking “let me call an orthopedic surgeon to schedule a procedure to fix this.” The commonsense approach is to start with the least invasive treatment first and progress down the list. Surgery may be needed, but not until you’ve exhausted all options.

In the world of payroll and HR technology (aka HCM) businesses don’t always use this linear and logical thought progression. Companies get understandably frustrated with repeated long hold times with the payroll service department and products that don’t seem to work. Most people will then feel helpless and fight through it until they can’t take anymore, only to jump to extreme measures and start searching for a new payroll company.

The problem with this unfortunately very common approach is it’s the equivalent of jumping straight to surgery because you tweaked your lower back. In the mid-market (companies between 50-1,000 employees) there isn’t a lot that separates the leading HCM vendors of ADP, Paylocity, Paycor, Paycom, etc. so why switch vendors if the problem isn’t the technology?

There are too many companies unnecessarily going under the knife!

Maybe a switch is truly needed; or maybe the problem is that the buildout is incomplete, the workflows aren’t properly setup, and your staff hasn’t been sufficiently trained.

Talk to an expert, get a diagnosis, and treat it in a logical manner starting with the least invasive options first before you embark on another 12-month implementation.

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